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Tarrant County Bail BondsOn this page, you’ll be presented with several different pieces of information that we’ve published on the web including those involving how bail bonds work in Texas, how a Tarrant County bonding company does its job, pretrial release programs, and much more.

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Tarrant County Bail Bonds Information
There are two different entities that can write bail bonds in Texas. One is a licensed attorney and the other is a bail bondsman. In the state of Texas, people have the option of hiring either one of these professionals and within the industry itself, referrals are often given in exchange for a percentage of the profit.

Tarrant County, Texas is a big area with a population of almost 2 mil. It encompasses the following municipalities: Arlington, Bedford, Benbrook, Blue Mound, Colleyville, Dalworthington Gardens, Euless, Everman, Forest Hill, Haltom City, Hurst, Keller, Kennedale, Lake Worth, North Richland Hills, Pelican Bay, Richland Hills, River Oaks, Saginaw, Sansom Park, Azle, Burleson, Crowley, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Grand Prairie, Haslet, Mansfield, Newark, and Southlake, Texas.

How Much Does a Tarrant County Bondsman Charge?
In this story, you’ll discover the amount of money a bail bondsman charges in Tarrant County, Texas. You’ll also find out what happens if you decide to skip out on your court date.

While the bail system in the United States has a lot working with it, it still has some things to fix. What one family might consider a reasonable amount of bail, another couldn’t afford it even in their wildest dreams. This, among many other things, has to change if we want to reduce the criminal population in our jails and prisons, lessening the burden on the average tax payer.

All About Tarrant County Bail Bonds
Since there are so many municipalities plus a big county jail, asking a bonding company to search for an individual is a big deal. They have other people calling them who already know which jail a person is in and who are ready to pay them to get them released. Knowing which jail a person is in will help you start out on the right foot with any bonding company.

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Hiring a Tarrant County Bail Bondsman

Once someone gets arrested in Tarrant County, Texas, they have three ways of getting out of jail. The first way to get released is through the pretrial bonding program. In this program, the defendant gets released without paying bail and without having to go through a Tarrant County bondsman. They are simply released on their own recognizance, but do have to pay a measly $20 bonding fee to the court. Here’s more on that…

Tarrant County Pretrial Release & Bail Bonds
Tarrant County, Texas is different than most other areas of the United States when it comes to bail and bonding out of jail. This county is unique in that the local court system offers a “pretrial release” for defendants who qualify. For those who don’t, a traditional surety bond is required through a licensed Tarrant County bail bond company.

As you can see in the above document, a person can qualify for pretrial jail release if he or she doesn’t have a criminal record, is a verifiable resident of the county or one of the neighboring ones, and is gainfully employed. While this doesn’t happen very often, a pretrial release program does help to keep our Texas jail population a little more manageable. When a person doesn’t qualify for one of these pretrial releases, they will have to either pay the full amount of the bail or hire a bail bonding company.

Tarrant County Bail Bonds Locations & Info
In Tarrant County and the whole state of Texas for instance, one must pay 10%-20% of the total bail amount to receive a bond (whichever is greater). However, our organization has researched every company in Tarrant County with regard to payment arrangements. Most companies will offer payment plans on Tarrant County bail bonds.

As stated above, the amount of bail can sometimes be disproportionate to the alleged crime committed. At other times, the bail amount is too low and a defendant who is “cash heavy” may get released without the court system batting an eyelash. There needs to be more checks and balances placed on the entire bail system, but for those who fall within the median bail amounts, then hiring a bonding company is the best option.

Tarrant County Bail Bonds Agent
If you’ve got a friend or loved one in jail in Tarrant County, a bail bond company is your best option to get them out as quickly as possible. The process of getting a bondsman to write a policy on your behalf is fairly simple. However, finding a bonding company who will treat you with respect is another issue entirely.

Tarrant County Bail Bonds and Presumed Flight Risks

In order to get released from Tarrant County Jail on a bail bond, a defendant must meet certain criteria by the bondsman. To reduce the risk of what’s known as ‘bond forfeiture,’ a bonding company will ask several questions over the phone about both the defendant and the co-signer of the bond. They do this to help establish whether this person is likely to show up for their future court date or not. If a person has an F.T.A. on their record (Failure to Appear), no bonding company will take them on.

Can You Leave the State if You’re Out on Bail?
The biggest reason for not leaving the state, and even the county in some instances, is that it presents a flight risk. Most county Sherriff’s offices don’t have jurisdiction in other states. If you miss court, the full amount of the bail that the judge set will be due and the bonding company will have to come up with that money on your behalf, since they’re the ones who wrote the bond.

Most Tarrant County Bail Agents Do the Same Thing

Qualifying for a bail bond in Tarrant County, Texas is the same as other major counties in the state. However, what someone should be aware of is that they can also choose to get a bond written for the defendant by a licensed attorney. In Texas, one of the few states that can do this, there are so many bail agents to choose from because theses attorneys can legally write bonds. For those who can’t, they advertise that they CAN, but will only refer someone to a bondsman and they’ll collect a fee from that particular bail agent if they do in fact write the bond.

How Tarrant County Bonding Companies Operate
When someone gets arrested in the Fort Worth metropolitan area, they are most likely going to be transferred to the Tarrant County Jail. Although individual cities and municipalities may have their own jail, the Tarrant County Sherriff’s Department oversees all major arrests and crimes within Tarrant County.

Like we stated above, “Most” bonding companies in Tarrant County do the same thing, but one thing that a few of these companies do is try to outbid each other to write a bond. This is against the law and a bondsman will lose their license if they go below the minimum threshold for bonding fees. In Texas, the state minimum is 8%. If a company tries to sell you on a lower percentage than that, they are breaking the law.

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