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Tarrant County bail bonds TexasWelcome to TX Bail Bonds, our Tarrant County bonding information site. TxBailBonds.org is a recently established group of individuals who have searched high and low throughout the state of Texas in order to find the best bail bond companies in the area. We’ve ranked each of these bonding companies according to the following criteria: customer satisfaction, professionalism, co-signer qualifications, and overall bonds written per year.

On our main Tarrant County, Texas page of our website, you’ll learn more about the bail bonds industry than you probably would have chosen by yourself. There’s a reason for that. We believe that knowledge is power and the more you know about bonding someone out of the Tarrant County jail, the easier the whole process will be for both you and the bondsman.

About Tarrant County Bail Bonds

Bailing someone out of the Tarrant County Jail is a pretty simple process, but hardly anyone can do it. Most people don’t have the money to pay the full bail amount to Tarrant County, Texas. Furthermore, most people aren’t licensed to write bonds in Tarrant County. So, to get someone out of jail, you have to either  hire a Tarrant bail bondsman or pay a cash bond for the full bail amount at the Tarrant County Corrections Center. Here’s their information if you want to pay the full bail amount.

Tarrant County Corrections Center
100 N. Lamar Fort Worth, TX 75201
(817) 884-3000
Hours: Open 24 hours a day

If you have the money, this isn’t necessarily a bad option. However, if you don’t have the money to pay for the whole thing, read the information presented about our Tarrant County bondsman at txbailbonds.org/tarrant-county/ and learn about all of the ways that TX Bail Bonds can help your situation. You’d be surprised at how quickly our bonding agents can get people out of jail.

If you’re not trying to bail someone out of jail, but rather, turn yourself in due to an outstanding warrant, keep reading.

Turning Yourself in to the Tarrant County, Texas Sherriff’s Department

We at Tx Bail Bonds wish that this never happens to you, but if you’re reading this, then you are probably wondering how to turn yourself in to Tarrant County jail. After all, this isn’t the type of article that people read just for fun. If you have a warrant out for your arrest and the Tarrant County Sherriff’s Department has called you (or maybe even showed up at your door when you weren’t home), then this isn’t a matter to be taken lightly. I’m sure you realize that and you might even be scared at this point. That’s okay and it is completely normal to feel that way. This article should calm your nerves and give you a strong direction in what to do next, leading all the way up to getting out of the Tarrant County Jail as quickly as possible.

Call the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office First

In Tarrant County, Texas, the county jail is operated by the Sherriff’s Department. A quick phone call to the Sherriff’s office will help ease your mind about what to do next. The absolute worst days to turn yourself in are Mondays and Fridays. You’re going to want to see the judge as soon as possible, and turning yourself in on these days makes it quite difficult. If you turn yourself in on a Friday, it won’t be until a working business day that you get to see the judge. If you turn yourself in on a Monday, there are all the arrests that took place over the weekend that take precedence over you. They were there first, in other words. The earlier in the day you can turn yourself in, the better. Find out what time the Tarrant County jail opens and plan to go there right when they open. Here’s their information.

Tarrant County Sherriff’s Department
1500 Circle Dr #200, Fort Worth, TX 76119
(817) 531-7634

Getting a Tarrant County Bond Written on Your Behalf

Once you’ve turned yourself into the Tarrant County Sherriff’s Department, you won’t be able to get out again until bail is set. This is done through the judge or magistrate. When this actually happens is left entirely up to the Tarrant County legal system. You won’t be able to pay for a bond yourself, unless it’s for the full amount. If you wish to pay the full bail amount that is set by the judge, then be sure to bring that much cash with you ahead of time. If you only want to pay a percentage, you are going to need to retain the services of a Tarrant County bail bonds company, like ours. In this situation, you would come into our office beforehand, preferably with a co-signer (someone who can sign the bond for you), and fill out all of the required paperwork before you turn yourself in to the Tarrant County legal system. This way, as soon as bail is set, we can write the bond, go to the jail, and get you out very quickly.

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